15.01.18 - New Year and New Images

Feeling psyched for 2018 with lots of plans (which also include musical and fitness projects) and happy to bring in the new year with a great set of images for Legend Bridal Design. Here are a quick few… Here’s to 2018!!

21.12.17 - Legend Bridal Designs

Last week I shot for Legend Bridal Designs who create stunning bridal couture in North West England. I had to post a quick edit as these images are going to be beautiful!

Here’s a shot of one of the dresses and also the team involved. Much more to come….

Now I really need to go and get my Christmas shopping!!!

07.12.17 - A look back at Born Survivor

As the wind howls outside I thought i’d take a quick look back at when I shot Born Survivor on the 9th of August this year, a 10km outdoor assault course put on by the military. I’ve photographed this race before when it was at Capesthorne Hall near Manchester. That time I was stationed at the finish line and being the first person to greet and congratulate the runners as they pull themselves and their team mates over the finish line is such a fun experience!

This time was at the beautiful location of Lowther Deer Park, Cumbria and my station this time was in the middle of the race, concentrating my camera on a few of the ‘obstacles’, mainly the ones involving lots of water! It’s such a great event and everyone taking part looks like they’re having so much fun, even if some do seem to be slightly out of their comfort zone…!

Here’s a selection of photographs from the race… Having got to know the course quite well now and from seeing not just how much fun people have but also how satisfying it obviously must be to complete it, as much training, preparation and hard work is definitely needed, I feel that maybe sometime in the future I may see if I can run the thing myself… :)

25.11.17 - If We Can You Can Challenge

Early November I was asked by the wonderful If We Can You Can Challenge to photograph their awards night on the 18th of the month at the grandiose BALTIC Centre for Contemporary Art, Newcastle. If We Can You Can is a great enterprise enabling mentoring, publicity, promotion and financial services for start up businesses in Newcastle and the night itself seemed like a cross between Dragon’s Den (with all businesses pitching to each other in order to win prizes) and the Oscars, overlooking The Tyne and with amazing food! A great night :)

Here are a few of the images…

01.11.17 - Incarnate Clothing

Mid 2017 I was commissioned by streetwear design company Incarnate Clothing to shoot a set of images for their new range ‘Ivory’, which is inspired by nature. I took it upon myself to come up with a concept, which was warmly greeted by the company and so I organised for the whole crew to gather out in the wilds of Northern England for a shoot in some epic caves. Some of the photos can be seen here…

The company were more than pleased with the results (as was I!) and so again in October approached me to photograph more promotional shots for another new range, Atonement. Atonement apparently takes it’s influences more from urban life and so a shoot was undertaken mid October on the busy street of Liverpool city centre. Much fun was had, despite the serious expressions! :)

15.10.17 - Shots Media City continued…

So the images taken at Shots Media City have distributed and handed over to the designer, so I can now shed a bit more light on the project. The designer is up and coming in the alternative fashion scene, going by the name of TLC Latex. The model used for the shoot was Celine Tait and hair and make up was undertaken by Haus Hairdressing from Leeds. It was a great day with everyone giving 110% and made even better by the fact that we had metal blasting out over the studio sound system all day ;)

Here’s a few of the images…

12.09.17 - Solfest Festival 2017

Solfest was simply incredible. It isn’t that big, around 5000 people and so it retains quite an intimate feeling, like it’s 5000 friends wanting to help each other have a great time. There is a great community and family feel to the place too, with attendees of all ages everywhere.

I was fortunate enough to bump into some good old friends whilst I was there and so whilst I had an important job to do, I was able socialise with friends new and old and have a little boogie during my time off…

Solfest really does have a magical feel to it… I’m not sure if it’s because of the fact that it’s roots seem to be buried somewhere between folk music, folklore and the Cumbrian mountains or whether it’s the super fun and down-to-earth crowd that it attracts, but it always has been and still is one of my very favourite festivals!!!

Here is a small selection of some of the images I captured for the festival over the weekend…

Well done Solfest, you were great!! Thank you!!!

23.08.17 - Captain’s Blog

Today is the day I start my first real blog. I plan for it to be some form of journal or diary of my life as a photographer with an informative and hopefully entertaining nature.

I may also get completely carried way and start blogging about all sorts.

Let’s see what happens…

Next stop is Solfest Festival which I am photographing as part of the festival team this coming weekend. It’s a beautiful festival in the wilds of North Cumbria with a very mystical feel to it. There’s lots of traditional folk music. And lots of electronic dance music! It also happens to be the first festival I ever went to back in 2004 when I was 21. I don’t think I’ve ever been quite the same since, so it’ll be nice return and document the proceedings :) 

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